Booking open for 2024 season at the same rate as 2023 season. Tree ripened mangoes, Free from chemical treatment, Handpicked with Original, Ancient taste

Experience the natural sweetness of our farm fresh mangoes, handpicked with care and delivered to your doorstep


Old taste of natural trees


100+ years old trees


Limited stock

Dashahri Delight: Anandmayee Mangoes Ensures a Sumptuous Mango Experience

Anandmayee Mangoes has become my go-to source for the best mangoes in town. Their dedication to offering premium quality mangoes, such as the Chausa and Dashahri, is commendable. Every bite is a burst of sweet and tangy goodness, transporting me to mango heaven.

Shreya Pandit

A Taste Worth Savoring: Anandmayee Mangoes Captivates Mango Enthusiasts

Anandmayee Mangoes is my top choice when it comes to purchasing mangoes online. Their Surkha Mangoes are incredibly sweet and have the perfect balance of flavors. I have never been disappointed with the quality or taste. Anandmayee Mangoes is a true gem for mango lovers.

Harish Goyal

Chausa Perfection: Anandmayee Mangoes Sets the Standard High

As a mango connoisseur, I have tried various brands, but Anandmayee Mangoes stands out as the best. Their range of mangoes, especially the Chausa, is outstanding. The mangoes are carefully handpicked, resulting in a truly exceptional taste. Anandmayee Mangoes has earned my trust and loyalty.

Aparna Das

Savoring Sweetness: Anandmayee Mangoes Brings Mango Bliss to My Doorstep

Anandmayee Mangoes has redefined my mango-eating experience. Their Langda mangoes are a sheer delight. The texture, taste, and aroma of these mangoes are unparalleled. I cannot thank Anandmayee Mangoes enough for providing me with the most delectable mangoes I have ever tasted.

Anjum Sethi

A Flavorful Delight: Anandmayee Mangoes Exceeds Expectations!

I have been a loyal customer of Anandmayee Mangoes for several years now, and their mangoes never cease to amaze me. The Desi Mango, Surkha Mango, Chausa, Langda, Bambai, Dashahri—all the varieties they offer are of exceptional quality and taste. I highly recommend Anandmayee Mangoes for anyone who craves the true essence of delicious, juicy mangoes.

Tarun Pathak